Scratch9 Mummy Cat Shirt

Scratch9’s second aspect, Bektah teaches us, “Each pawprint on the sand is the next beginning of your life’s journey.” Wear this “Egyptian Meow” with pride!


Robot Monkey Worx Logo T

Show off your spectacular simian circuitry with this super swank shirt sporting the Robot Monkey Worx logo!


Scratch9 Master Ichirou Shirt

Bust out your martial arts moves with this T featuring Scratch9’s Shaolin master of Meowshu. Ichirou will drop-kick your opponents right in the kibble!


Scratch9 N3K0 Hero Shirt

The future is MEOW! Join F.E.R.A.L. with this 21st Century apparel featuring Scratch9’s 8th aspect: N3K0 – cyborg cat hero of the 25th century!


Scratch9 Snuggle Shirt

Scratch9 is the world’s greatest superhero cat. You can’t resist him. The snuggle is real. The #1 t-shirt for fans of cat comics!


Scratch9 IX Meow Shirt

Share the message of peace and unity from the enlightened ninth aspect of Scratch: IX of the far, distant future!


Scratch9 Garogga Boss Shirt

Like the mighty Smilodon Populator, you will be the king of all you survey while wearing this boss T that tells the world you’re not afraid to purr.